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In Rethymno

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The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno stands in front of the main gate of the Fortezza fortress. Its exhibits provide an enduring image of the cultural history of Rethymno from the Neolithic Age until the Roman occupation of the area. The various collections include findings from caves, settlements and cemeteries of the Minoan period, as well as geometric objects from the Archaic, the Classical, the Hellenistic and the Roman period found during the excavations of different important ancient cities.

Τhe Fortezza fortress

The fortress of Fortezza with its imposing walls was built between 1573 and 1580 by the Venetians to protect the inhabitants from the Turkish threat. It has three gates, six bastions and a panoramic view of the town of Rethymnon and the sea. The fort was the residence of the Governor, the Director and visitors are able to see some parts of the stables, the ammunition departments, the water tanks and some houses.

Historical – Folklore Museum of Rethymno

The Foundation’s building dates from the 17th century. It is a Venetian building of unique beauty. It is suitable for the presentation of various collections and it contributes significantly to the protection of the monument. It includes objects of traditional handicrafts and folk art, offering the visitors a unique opportunity to see the folklore elements of the area which date from the 17th century until today.

Renaissance festival

The Renaissance Festival takes place annually in August at Erofili Theatre at the fortress of Fortezza. It has become an institution in evolution, activating and using all the elements of the potential of the local community, and has now become a well established event. 

The Carnival of Rethymno

The Carnival of Rethymno is a cultural institution and recreational event. The most important aspect of this institution is volunteering. The carnival is organized primarily through voluntary work of all citizens participating in it with love and dedication.

Presenting the Cretan diet

Each year in early June the Municipality of Rethymno organizes a Cretan diet celebration at the city garden for visitors to experience the Cretan diet and culture of the area. Visitors will also see exhibitions of local products by local producers (for example olive oil, wine, cheese, and natural cosmetics), folklore workshops and events and will have the chance to taste some food and treats.