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Suggested Excursions

Arkadi Monastery

 The Arkadi Monastery is only 27 km far from the city of Rethymno. The monastery was a center of education and copying manuscripts. The gold embroidery workshops showed admirable production during the 17th and 18th centuries. The most important point in the history of the monastery is the Holocaust of November 8, 1866 that gave the Monastery a top place in history. The monastery had a strong presence in the struggle against the Turkish slavery, helping inhabitants throw off the Turks from the island and change the course of history of Crete. Today the monastery is open for visitors who are able to see important exhibits on display. It is also still a place of worship and is remembered as an eternal symbol of freedom and heroism with a worldwide impact.

Ancient Eleftherna

The village Eleftherna was inhabited as early as 2000 BC according to the Early Minoan and Late Minoan pottery and remains of buildings found at excavations. The heyday of the city coincides with the development of the ancient Greek city (8th & 7th centuries BC). During this period the first major works on the slopes of the hill were made. On the west side of the hill there are the carved underground tanks. The large dimensions indicate the size of the ancient city. The town flourished after the Roman period until the 9th AD century when it was destroyed by the Arabs. The important findings of the excavations are at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno which is worth a visit.

Margarites village

Margarites is a small village known for its pottery. The pots are handmade using techniques that were used in the Byzantine period. Small shops in the village sell utensils of all kinds. With a walk through the village one can admire the heavy carved ornate doors and walls dating from the Venetian era. These features, as well as the narrow streets retain certain aspects of the traditional Cretan architecture.

Argyroupoli village

Argiroupoli s a picturesque village located 27 km South West of the town of Rethymno in a green area, built on the ruins of ancient Lappa. The location of the The village has beautiful water sources, dense vegetation, small waterfalls and plane trees, a cave and a chapel which are worth dedicating one day’s visit.