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In the village

Open all day

Visit the Late Minoan cemetery of Armeni

(13 – 12th century BC) The cemetery is located 2 km far away from the village situated in a beautiful oak forest. There have been found over 220 tombs. Most of the tombs were found looted and contained a lot of rich findings like pottery, figurines, and bronze weapons, fine jewellery, several tools etc.
Most of the findings are now at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon (the archaeological site is open for the public).

Visit a farm

You can visit a farm with pets, birds and ostriches.

The picking of the olives

You can participate in the picking of the olives, which starts at the end of October and lasts until January and watch the grinding – the final stage when the oil is produc

The shearing of the sheep in June
The shearing of the sheep is a big celebration inextricably linked with the farming lifestyle. It is, as they say, the “feast of the sheep.” It is one of the spectacular celebrations that take place every year in June, in which every farmer is inviting friends and relatives to help him in this difficult task and after follows a lush feast for all.

A Cretan festival on August 6

Every year the cultural association of Armeni organizes on August 6 (celebrating Savior Christ day) the greatest Cretan feast of the area that has its roots in the past. 

Celebrating Clean Monday at the village

Every year, on Clean Monday, revives a custom called «smudging» which has its roots in the past. There is always music and Lenten dishes as treats.

The harvest and pressing of the grapes before the wine is produced

After August 20 until the end of September, is the most important time of year for the work of growers. Then it takes place the harvest and pressing of the grapes. You can watch the whole process until the must gets into the barrels. Also you can taste the famous jelly pie made from pressed grapes.

Visit the places where raki is produced

In the end of October (till the beginning of November) begins the process of boiling and distilling strafylon (the remains of the grapes which have been left to ferment) before the worldwide famous tsikoudia or raki is produced. You can also watch this activity take place.

Pick mushrooms and wild greens

The valley of our village has almost everything. The first rains begin to fall in October so many kinds of wild herbs, mushrooms and tubers grow at that time. Pick them with our help.

Visit a Brewery Factory

2 km far from the village is the brewery factory which produces the famous Rethymniaki fresh, organic beer. It is worth a visit.