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At a settlement called St. George in Armeni lays a renovated old mansion. It has been renovated with great enthusiasm and a lot of personal work. In the old times the mansion was a rest station and served as a hiding place (a hideout) for George Pentheroudakis (aka Tsakalos), a martyr and hero of the struggle against the Turks.

His brother, Manolis, had moved there from the nearby village Koumi the origin of his wife. A special feature of the mansions of this period was the possibility of escape through a tunnel built in a low height (50-60 cm) which through the neighboring courtyards led to freedom.

             The mansions of this period form a single complex with common walls (partitions), inner courtyards with high stone fences, arches and inner chambers (lofts). They are built with natural materials (stone, clay, wood, iron). The artisans of the era carved the stones with great care. Stones as a building material were in abundance in the area.

             The same materials were used for the renovation of the mansion without changing the philosophy and functionality of the building. Then, with a lot of effort and passion the decoration of the mansion was completed with original furniture from that era .The perfect combination of furniture and building helps the visitor visualize earlier times in that period bloom.

  • The host Mihalis is very welcoming and the property is not your average rent a house type as it is equipped in such a way as your house would be. Especially the kitchen has all the cutlery/equipment you might need to explore your cooking skills and you even have a washing machine if the need arises. Mihalis upon arrival has nice offerings for you with a bottle of wine, raki and olive oil all from his own production. The decoration is very traditional with a hint of modern and you get free fast wifi, satellite television, a huge fireplace with enough logs for 3-4 days and a nice warm atmosphere. The property is 15 min away from Rethymno center, however the village "Armenoi" has a large supermarket, a pharmacy and a couple of nice tavernas with traditional food. There is limited public transportation so renting a car is obligatory. In the summer time the surrounding area is perfect for hiking and the property has a large first floor open terrace to spend nice evening relaxing times. Because of the thick walls there is good difference from the outside temperature, nevertheless, there are new air conditioning units inside the bedrooms to meet everybody's needs.
    Manos Greece
  • Set in a quiet backwater but within a easy walk to the village center we had pleasant evening strolls out along the lanes away from the village. We only visited one tavern in the village, Taverna Atsidaftis, where the authentic Cretan food and service were great on both occasions. The bakery near the Taverna was also good. The Villa is clean, comfortable and well equipped and in a great location to travel east, west and the north / south road Armeni is on is excellent. We walked and drove down several gorges and visited many interesting archaeological sites and villages and towns. The countryside was great for birds, bees and butterflies. Mixalis was the most friendly, generous and welcoming host we have come across and very good company.
  • lieu idéal et service le service parfait, l'ambiance de la maison, la décoration, l'équipement, le bain, la courtoisie de l'accueil la tranquillité des cadeaux: fruits, gâteaux, ouzo, huile d'olive, légumes, noix, crème glacée, eau fraîche, etc.
    Nicolas, (FR)
  • ο χωρος παραδοσιακος γεματος ηρεμια,απλοτητα,γαληνη και ανθρωπια.οτι χρειαζετε ο ανθρωπος σε μια εποχη που φθινει.ευχαριστουμε τον κ.Μιχαλη για την άψογη φιλοξενία...!!!!
    Ελενα (GR)
  • Στην τύχη, βρήκα ένα υπέροχο σπίτι για διακοπές ήταν ένα καταπληκτικό σπιτι, με έντονη τη σφραγίδα του ιδιαιτερα φιλικού και εξυπηρετικού ιδιοκτητη κ.Μιχάλη. το σπίτι το νιώθεις "σπίτι σου" απο τη πρωτη στιγμη και εχει ολα οσα εχει ενα πλήρες σπιτι, οπως πύντηριο στεγνωτηριο, wifi, λαπτοπ, τηλεορασεις, μηχανες καφε για γαλλικο, εσπρεσσο, ηλ.σέικερ, ηλελτρ.στεγνωτηριο πετσετων και πολλά άλλα. το ψυγειο ηταν γεματο με πραγματα και ο κ.μιχάλης μας εφερνε καθε πρωι και κατι άλλο, οπωως λουλουμάδες, δικές του μαρμελάδες και άλλα.ΤΟ ΣΥΝΙΣΤΩ ΑΝΕΠΙΦΥΛΑΚΤΑ.