Villa estia is located at a settlement called Saint George in Armeni, next to the church of the village.

Villaestia is a very spacious (180 m) two-storey stone-built house, which can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults. It is open all year round and it is the best option for those looking for something more than simple relaxation during their holidays.

By choosing Villaestia as the destination of your holidays you can enjoy the calmness of nature that surrounds you, a great variety of organized activities and acquire new experiences during your stay.

It is located just 800 meters away from the village Armeni which gives you great access to two large super markets, a pharmacy, an ATM and a gas station. You will also find a bakery - pastry shop, cafés and traditional taverns, shops that sell homemade cheese, a car wash and a hair salon,veterinary practice and pet hotel.

A great feature of the building is that it has a very large fire source - a fireplace- (called parasia) used also as a BBQ which gives the room a sense of warmth. This is a trademark of this accommodation because the name Villaestia is inspired by the ancient Greek goddess Hestia, protector of houses and families in ancient times. It was also a symbol of hospitality in every home and every temple of the city and there was always a large or small fire burning for the worship of the goddess.

Living room

The villa has a large living room area (80m²) which is used as a living room with central heating (radiators) and a very large fireplace. The room is decorated with traditional furniture, old jars and vases, many green plants. Visitors can also see heirlooms (for example an old gramophone, an old iron, a hand mill, a Cretan lyre, a manual sewing machine) and family praises from World War II, which create a unique style in the room.

It has a large fireplace (called parasia) which was always burning since the predecessors of the house were cooking their daily meals and used it as the only way to get warm during the winter.

The following are also provided: a large TV, a DVD player, Home Cinema system, Internet access and a laptop with free internet access (free wifi).


The kitchen is 6 meters long, fully equipped with crockery and dishes, a big table (6 seats), a spacious fridge and freezer, an electric oven with ceramic hobs, a microwave, a coffee machine for espresso, cappuccino, freddo and nescafe, but also for hot drinks, an electric mixer for making frappe coffee, a toaster, a blender and a juicer.


There are two bedrooms upstairs (35 m² and 25 m² respectively) equipped with a king size bed made of an old wooden loom, air conditioning ,a air condition, a spacious closet, various other small useful furniture, a room ionizer and a safe box.Let us know beforehand if you have a baby and need a baby cot


The bathroom is spacious (20m²) and has a shower, a bathtub, a washing machine, a dryer, a hair dryer and towels dryers.




The courtyard of the house is covered with a wooden pergola and is a sunny, lush, little oasis with lots of colourful flowers and many Cretan herbs, such as thyme, marjoram, rosemary, verbena, spearmint, basil, pennyroyal, dictamnus, mint, sage, lavender and ginger. These herbs are known since antiquity for their beneficial qualities and are recommend to drink as a beverage (e.g. mountain tea) or to be used as spices when cooking which gives food a unique taste of Cretan flavours. In the upper area, the two large sunny balconies, also covered with wooden pergola, have a beautiful view of the green oak forest of the village where you can spend moments of relaxation.






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